Reviving the traditional methods of making Old Fashioned Handmade candy, our specialized candy makers use classic techniques to make such favourites as fudge, sponge toffee, beer nuts, caramel corn and many other old favourites. Come to the store to see these items being made right before your eyes!

Here at Old Firehall Confectionery we know better than to mess with a good thing. That’s why we make our fudge the old fashioned way, using a recipe that’s been handed down and perfected throughout the years.


First, we start with premium ingredients that are mixed and cooked to the perfect temperature in our large copper pot. Then we pour this delicious mixture out onto our solid marble fudge table to begin setting.


Next, we hand-churn the fudge until it cools and takes on a smooth, creamy and delicious texture before letting it finish setting and slicing it into wonderfully thick slabs for our customers to enjoy.


We have many specialty flavours as well as Fudge on a Stick dipped in Chocolate!